Posted by: knitspaz | May 24, 2009

The Sadly neglected Blog…

I’m still alive! I’ve been knitting…and spinning, and dyeing…and fighting crime…ok, well not the fighting crime part.

I finished my scottish thistle stole, I’m almost finished with my shawl from the maggie Jackson collection. and I joined the Goddessknits anniversary mystery shawl 09, so I have that going, and 2 other shawls as well.  I’m going to finish one or 2 of them and then make a pair of socks, just cuz I can.  I’ve washed all the raw fleece that I bought at Shepherd’s Harvest Festival this year,  so I’m about 6 months ahead of last year.

Ok, Shepherd’s Harvest festival…


I got 2 red ribons for my skeins, I’m very proud cuz it was a peoples choice competition instead of some ramdom fiber hag judging it.pix 248

pix 249

I also took a drumcarding class that was wonderful! I learned a lot about blending colors and fibers,  so I’m going to start putting batts up for sale on my etsy store, later this summer.

I have a big store update coming the first week of june. I’m dyeing up a bunch of stuff for the Yarn Parlor in town, and then I’ll post a bunch of stuff up for sale.  I also actually have a skein of handspun finished, and that will be posted as well.

I’m spinning laceweight singles and fingering 3 ply now) I’m attempting to do my first sock yarn from some superwash merino that I got from Enchanted Knoll farm on Etsy.  pix 246

My sis in law bought this  bump of  beautiful bamboo/nylon/superwash stuff at the festival, that she wants me to spin at fingering weight for her…I didn’t want to mess it up,  so I’m practicing first.

I think thats all the news that I have for now,  it’s always the same chaos here)



  1. Hi,

    I found you on Ravelry while searching for Maggie Jackson’s Alaca Wrap which I see that you have almost finished. I too am knitting the short wrap but not nearly as far along as you are. I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with.
    1. How did you insert the “diamond” shaped pieces? I didn’t quite get it from the schematic.
    2. Did you seam up your pieces “normally’ or did you actually crochet them together? You mentioned crochet so maybe it was that you did a crocheted edge all the way around.
    I sure appreciate whatever help you can provide. I am “JPBeth” on Ravelry but you can email me at this address. Thank you so much. – Beth

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