Posted by: knitspaz | September 3, 2008

New Dye Shop space!

I’m moving all of my craft and dye shop stuff to the basement, since it’s taking over the entire house. I’m just leaving a little stash and my wheel up here. everything else is making the trek down.  I bought a workbench and Fred is going to move my dye cabinet down for me. It took 2 weeks to clean out the space down there, it had become a black hole of junk (12 years of storage). 

Mom came over on Monday and helped me paint. We used leftoers from the rest of the house. The green is from Fred’s room, the blue is from the living room and the purple and gray are from my room. I’ll post more pics as I move in.



  1. Oooh! I wish I had a basement that could be used for stuff! (currently I only have a crawlspace.) The walls look great.

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