Posted by: knitspaz | August 21, 2008

Jacobs fleece on the Bobbins!

I bought about 2 pounds of Jacobs fleece to try from Local Harvest and it just came in the mail.  Since I’ve adopted a Jacobs sheep for the spring, I wanted to try some out. I got my fleece washed up since I’m on Vacation) and I decided to make holiday gifts with it. But how to prepare a tri-colored fleece? Well, I’m not an expert but I love to play, so here is my interpretation. 

After 2 washes and several rinses, I dried it in the sun on the hottub, which took maybe 2 hours, it was really quick.

I seperated the colors, out, white, black and mixed, grey was actually the softest color)

then I combed the fleece a couple times with my new combs, and put the short stuff and neps, grass etc, into a bag for mom to mulch with.

after I made little clouds of sheepy goodness, I decided not to make them into a sliver, too much pulling and tugging, and my work bench isn’t set up yet, so I’m working on a plastic table. nothing to clamp a hackle to.

I decided to spin them from the corner like a batt, and it’s so thin that it’s gonna end up a cabled yarn to get the thickness I want to make outerwear! I think I’m going to roll it into a center pull ball and ply it together, then navajo ply that to make a 5 ply. it should come out to be a worsted weight then.

 I may decide to dye some later, but If I’m dyeing, I like to make yarn first, I think the colors are brighter and more uniform on the skein, and it will be one dyelot, if it’s kettle dyed.

More fleece pron on the way, I have 4 more to wash before vacation is over!


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