Posted by: knitspaz | August 21, 2008

It’s official!

Ok it’s official, My sock yarn and rovings will be featured in Mrs. I’s Yarn Parlor, as soon as I can dye some up, she’s moving upstairs and has tons of new stuff and a lot more room now) I’ve just come from talking to her and I’ll have a space for some of my stuff , I’ll also still do custom orders and my Etsy shop as well)
I ran into Loretta from Blackberry hills and she liked my handspun) woohoo! She’ll be at the wool booth in the dairy building At the state fair for the next few days selling her handspun there.
I’ve been cookin fleeces and kickin butt and taking names on my vacation so far) the dye shop is almost as good as moved downstairs, I’ve just gotta clear out the big crap and paint I can’t wait to see everything completed!

I hope to have my stuff at Mrs. I’s by the Osceola fair. I have Labor day off so I can do some dyeing then)



  1. Congrats hun!! I’m so happy for you. I know it will sell like hotcakes. I hope Loretta will still be there at the fair tomorrow as Nate is all swollen up from bees and so we had to postpone a day. There never used to be fiber at the fair!! That is exciteing. I can’t wait to see your new dying studio! Have fun on your vacation!!!

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