Posted by: knitspaz | July 19, 2008

Clean Alpaca!

Don’t you love the sight of clean Alpaca drying in the morning? Me too! I have washed up the rest of my stuff from last week and got almost the whole blanket washed that came yesterday, I could have finished it, but my screens were getting full. I’m going to spin the black up for a shawl for me, the cream stuff I’m going to mix, the Suri and Huacaya together to make enough for a sweater for mom, and the gray I’m goin to have mom make a cabled cape thingy I saw in one of my books, (Scottish Highland Knits) I spin and she knits it, sounds like a plan to me, since I’m a knitpaz and she doesn’t spin.

I’m looking forward to going to St. Peter next month to visit April, there is a lot going on that weekend. There’s a county fair, I’m going to try to get to a farm that I ordered some stuff from to get us a tour, and the Mankato knitting group will hopefully meet up so I can meet more of them.

Good times!


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